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Simple Life + God and His People = Invaluable Treasures.

I was challenged today to consider: What are my most treasured memories? What I discovered was . . . they were life’s simple pleasures – times with God and His people.

From childhood:

  • Dad taking me sledding, ice-skating, and out to breakfast to eat blueberry pancakes, hot chocolate, and bacon on Saturdays (visiting his classroom was always fun, too)

  • My dad carrying me when I was tired

  • Getting up at midnight to eat sardines and crackers with my dad

  • My mom’s vivid imagination – desk forts, behind the couch secret hideouts, hidden places between sheets on the clothesline, searching for four leaf clovers and fairies

  • Dancing in the kitchen with my mom when spring flowers came up

  • A & W root beer stand – tiny mugs for kids and all of my family together in the car (drive-in days) sipping foamy root beer on hot summer nights

  • Reading books with my mom and our wonderful weekly visits to the library

  • Grandma showing me how to make shadow puppets on the walls of the attic gable just before sleep

  • Brass beds & springs that “bite” and laughing with grandma over it

  • Fans blowing cool air on hot days while Grandma and I drank iced-tea and played gin rummy on the living room floor

  • Chocolate sodas and cherry pancakes (not at the same time) – Grandma’s favorites

  • Grandma’s yellow convertible rides and adventures

  • Riding on the blue bus to church with neighbors

  • The smell of paste in kindergarten which meant craft time

  • Running barefoot through clovers (except when the bees stung)

  • The independence and freedom of riding a tricycle down the street

With my husband

  • Walks along the river path when we were dating

  • His pursuit of me when I was noncommittal, unsure, and afraid

  • The look in his eyes the day we married

  • His tender affection with the children

  • The way he cried when I was diagnosed with cancer

  • His daily sacrifices that I take so for granted

  • His steady, faithful love

With my children

  • The little sticks that told me I was pregnant

  • The days they were born

  • Rocking, singing, and sweet prayers before bed

  • Sarah as my “little nurse” when I was on bed rest with Taylor

  • Chelsey’s two-year-old arms around my neck as she claimed, “My Mommy” when she found out Taylor was on her way

  • Chelsey’s nightly request for me to sing “Baby Mine” - no other song would do

  • Taylor’s lamb laugh and her effervescent happiness

  • Family nights when all five of us sat on the couch together watching movies and eating popcorn

  • One day when I asked Taylor if she wanted to be home schooled and she said, “You decide, Mommy. You know what is best for me.”

  • Camping, family vacations, and National Parks with Nate and the girls

  • Backyard Bible clubs and Awana – Klosters and Gins

  • White water rafting trips and ATV trips with Nate, the girls, and Jamie

  • Graduation days (from kindergarten through college)

  • The weekend of Chelsey and Jamie’s first date, Jamie (now my son-in-law) helped Nate on a house project for eight hours. Wow! Now that is a future son-in-law!

  • The days each of my children (yes, each of them . . . not all at the same time J) told me that they one day wanted to be a missionary. (Chelsey at eight): “Mom, wouldn’t it be cool to go to Africa and stay there until everyone came to know Jesus?” Chelsey and Jamie planning their wedding: “Mom, what do you think about a mission trip to Africa for the honeymoon?” Sarah: “I want to go to China. I want to go to Kenya. NIU needs me, Mom.” Taylor: “Mom, I was accepted for the Word Race! 11 countries in 11 months!”

  • Long, deep conversations

  • Game nights

As a teacher

  • Lunches with my students individually and in small groups

  • The day one student came in at lunch time because she was sad, and to make herself feel better she sang hymns (yes, in the public schools)

  • The “Ah-ha” moments

  • Great classroom discussions

  • Students staying after school to “help” me

  • Former students who came back to visit

  • Letters from students/pictures from students – so many of them – LOVE

  • The “surprise” party my students gave me when I retired

  • The boundless hugs when I visit


  • The evening when I walked the aisle (twelve years old) to say I wanted to be a follower of Christ – first in my family – not really knowing what to expect

  • The days my children decided to follow Christ

  • My wedding

  • The day I was hired for my first teaching job

  • The births of my children

  • Quiet times with God, over His Word, in my sunroom and on the deck

  • Knowing the deep love of my stepmom when she met me at the door, weeping, when I was diagnosed with cancer

  • The days my stepmom cared for me when I was sick – so many times!

  • The first time I had a Bible study published

  • The arrival of my first published book

  • Chelsey’s wedding

Simple life + God and His people = invaluable treasures.

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