About the Author

Julie Kloster is a teacher, freelance writer and speaker. She and her husband have three married daughters, and they are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first grandchild. They enjoy family time, laughter, and adventure.


Julie loves to abide with God over His Word  and communicate its truths in a story telling style that encourages deep trust in God's goodness and practical application to life.


 Seeing God 's fingerprints in all of life, with a posture of continual communion with the Creator, helps Julie focus on peace, joy and hope in the midst of all of life's circumstances. Music inspires her worship, reading sharpens her knowledge, and travel encourages her to see the glory of God in all creation and cultures.    


Author works include: Leaping the Wall: Practical Ways to Empower Faith During Difficult Times, The Yellow Convertible, and The Eternal Truths of Narnia. She has been a regular contributor to Christianbiblestudies.com (a division of Christianity Today), The Word in Season, The Quiet Hour, and Devotions. Julie was a contributing commentator to Everyday Matters Bible for Women, and she has written for various magazines. 


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