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What is joy? Is it the pleasure of soul found in the moments of life that are fleeting and glorious? Babies, bathed and powdered, nestled in mother’s bosom? Giggles of children catching fire flies while running barefoot through summer grass, green and soft? Toasty fires, steaming tea, and the sharing of life’s burdens and unexpected gifts with a treasured friend?

These joyous moments are merely tributaries of the deeper River of Life. The river that runs deep and cool . . . soothing, quenching, washing away sorrow. A River of Life that flows out of the broken vessels that cannot contain it encompassing - sweeping toward the source of eternal hope and joy.

Joy that is born of grattiude and hope. A song that swells and bursts from lungs in praise to the Eternal One. The arch ing of light bolting in the darkest storm. The golden rim that outlines purple clouds obscure and dark. The rainbow of color that splits open night with the dawn of hope. The unexpected beauty that arises from the soul that sings when all seems lost.

Joy is the cry of the heart that rests in the Giver of Hope.


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