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Chemo Craziness

I melted my hair making pizza one day. OK, I guess it wasn’t technically my hair. It was a wig that I wore when I was going through chemotherapy treatments.

I’m not convinced that bald is beautiful, but I know for sure that it is more comfortable than a wig. On this particular day, my niece and nephew were coming over for lunch. While they knew I was receiving treatment for cancer, they were only three and five years old, so we didn’t tell them all of the details. Since I didn’t typically wear my wig at home, I forgot that I had it on as I took the pizza out of the steamy oven that afternoon.

As I set the pizza on the table, my oldest daughter, Sarah, yelled, “Mom, your wig is melting!” Without thinking, I whipped the wig off my head. The shock on my niece and nephew’s faces was hilarious! All three of my girls and I laughed hysterically at their reac􏰀on, so they joined in laughing, too.

Later that day, my three-year-old nephew, Eli, wouldn’t take his hand off of his head when he was swinging. I think he thought his hair might just fall off in one fell swoop – like Auntie’s did!

In the midst of chaos, it is so important to laugh at its craziness. Laughter truly is medicine for the soul.

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