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Sibling Rivalry

My brother painted my sister’s hair green, and that was long before green hair was in style. He would jump on my bed at 4:30 in the morning yelling, “Time to get up, time to get up, time to get up!” When I screeched about it being dark and him being a maniac, he would laugh hysterically. Sibling rivalry at its best.

Yet, the one and only fist fight I ever participated in was over my brother. I took on two of his bullies: punching, kicking, and pulling hair mercilessly. Eventually I sat on top of one of them while pulling the feet out from the other. “Don’t you ever pick on my brother again.” I calmly informed them. Then I slowly walked into my house leaving them to ponder an outburst from someone who was the smallest student in the class and so skinny that I was called “bean pole.” I’ll s􏰀ll fight tooth and nail for my brother. See, he has special needs, and I will defend him at all costs, even though he still drives me crazy at times.

This week I am speaking on Sibling Rivalry at Mom’s Connected at the Evangelical Free Church in DeKalb on Thursday at 9:30 AM. How do we curb sibling rivalry while teaching our children to treasure each other? How do we shepherd the hearts of our children toward kindness, compassion, and service? What prac􏰀cal techniques might assist this endeavor? These are the topics we will be discussing.

So what are your famous sibling rivalry stories? I’d love to hear them!


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