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ABC's of Autumn Joy

Water slipping through my fingers . . . ungraspable . . . experienced with wonder . . . these moments of time. I cannot hold and keep them. They are here, and they are gone. I must stay fully awake . . . fully aware. Listening for the nuances of inflection . . .seeing the details of design . . .sensing the joy of now . . . this moment . . . this gift.

What joys do this day hold? For what can I offer hearts of gratitude? What weaving of life’s tapestry is clearer today . . . brilliant threads of life transforming moments into eternal purpose.

Memories packed away in the albums of my mind remind me that life is a vapor . . . this eternal moment will leave only fossils to remind me of today’s joys.

Focus . . . absorb . . . pay attention! Fleeting moments of joy . . . I must not be distracted by the troubles of this life . . . these joys must be the crowning of every day. Lord, don’t let them escape my notice . . . let them be my focus . . . hearts of thanksgiving for gifts of joy.

ABC’s of Autumn Joys

Autumn apples crisp and fresh

Burning jack-o-lanterns begrudging dark evenings

Cold breath blowing on warm cider

Dawn . . . pink light on dusty fields

Evenings darken earlier each day

Fires flame fighting the nip of frost

Giggles of costumed princesses and ghouls

Hallowed and holy saints fighting evil

Iridescent reflections on new formed ice

Jumping and jostling in fallen leaves

Kisses of Jack Frost on kitchen windows

Layers of sweaters long and loose

Mittens on mornings cold

Nimble squirrels storing nuts

Orange hues in open fields

Pumpkins parade on courthouse lawns

Quilts quickly cover cold toes

Rush of wind rustles leaves

Sips from steaming mugs

Time changes turn clocks back

Ugly masks urge children to flee

Valiant knights fight victoriously

Witches sweep wild across yards

X-rayed skeletons are everywhere loose

Yawning deep on dark mornings

Zesty Zinnias nod good-byes

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