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Creation Reveals God's Glory

God uses creation to sooth our restless, tired souls by reminding us that there is a Creator who has sovereign control. The song of a swallow, the caress of a cool breeze, and the flickering light of a firefly all declare the fragile delicacies of God’s beauty. Sleepy dawn peeking her head over the rim of the Grand Canyon tossing back blankets of shadow to reflect deep hues of the carved canyons or the se􏰁ng orb over a pastel-reflecting sea declare the majesty of his beauty.

Meditating on God’s glory demonstrated by creation promotes peace. Peace cradles and rocks our soul while singing lullabies about a God who reigns over all, a God who is bigger and more beautiful than our imaginations. The planets will spin in orbit, the sun will rise, and the stars will shine until the Lord of all ordains otherwise. If God can keep the earth from catapulting into the emptiness of space, he can take care of me.

Though I am dwarfed by the grandeur of creation, in this entire vast universe, God chose to have a relationship with me. Humans are the created beings that God chose to commune with in intimate fellowship. We alone are created in his image. When we walk with him, we reflect his glory, the very essence of the Creator of it all.

Exerpt from: Leaping the Wall by Julie Kloster


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