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Living in the Now

I found a box of teeth yesterday. Granted they were baby teeth, but even I had to ask the obvious ques􏰀on – why? Why had I kept my daughters baby teeth in a box? It’s not like I was going to make a necklace or anything – at least I hope not! Rather morbid, really -and sure evidence against the tooth fairy if the box had ever been found. I have no idea why I kept them, except that I lean strongly toward sentiment. My best guess is that I was having trouble letting go of my children even then. That’s also why I have infant clothes in the basement waiting to be turned into a quilt that never quite gets made.

Last night some young friends of ours were over. Their parents are in Hawaii. When I went downstairs to check on them, all of the American Girl doll paraphernalia was set up. Beds, hammock, chairs, wheelchair, and a wardrobe of clothes that almost equaled mine – and were probably almost as expensive as mine. The dolls stared at me blankly. It had been a long time since I had seen Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha. Memories flooded. This is what the family room used to look like on a daily basis. Funny thing was – I wasn’t homesick for it any more – well, not too much, anyway.

“Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come, but I have this moment today.” Gaither lyrics come to mine. I love my girls at the ages they are now. Sarah is on staff with Intervarsity at NIU. She and her friends pop in periodically – love those visits. Chelsey is a student at NIU. She and her boyfriend, Jamie, watched the Bears game with us Sunday as we drank coffee, ate chocolate, and laughed at the funny happenings of the weekend. Both of them are in the Chamber Choir at NIU, so we enjoy their concerts. Saturday night we went to hear MEMPHIS FOR NOW, Jamie’s band that Chelsey sometimes joins. Taylor is a senior in high school. We enjoyed watching her in the parade last week as a homecoming candidate. She has the lead in the musical in a few more weeks. We have lots to celebrate in this season of life.

Instead of getting caught up in the sentiment of yesterday or anxious for the future, I am choosing to live this day fully – to live in the now. To enjoy the details of the moments I am given – today. I enjoy my girls every bit as much today as I did when they were little. Each season has its joys. So I threw away the box of teeth, and focused on the beautiful smiles of my girls today. (After all, each smile cost me about $4,000 in orthodontist bills.) Precious memories are just that – memories. If we live in the past we are in danger of losing this day that the Lord has made – I choose to rejoice in today.


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