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Your Heart's Desire

What was nine-year-old Jamie doing on March 16, 1991? Maybe that was the day he swam against Michael Phelps and won because he just felt invincible and strong. Maybe he was running carefree across spring fields under the azure skies of TN . . . unaware that joy was entering the world in the form of a beautiful, pink baby girl born with a mop of golden hair and eyes as blue as the TN skies that he loved. Jamie didn’t know that that day would change his life, that that tiny baby girl would one day rock his world . . . that she would one day be this gorgeous bride standing beside him now.

And eighteen years later, when Chelsey enrolled in choir at NIU in Dekalb, IL . . . the land of winged corn, barbed wire, and college romance, she didn’t know that the young man that periodically caught her eye across the choir, the young man that she learned to respect as she observed his kindness...the tender ways he listened to the hurting, his compassionate heart, and how he quickly jumped in to serve those in need . . . that he would very soon rock her world.

And one blustery, winter evening, when Chelsey told her mom about this young man, her mom recognized a wistful sparkle in Chelsey’s eyes that told a story of which Chelsey herself wasn't even yet aware. A sparkle that made Chelsey’s mom want to meet this young man of such high character that he had won Chelsey’s respect and admiration. But Chelsey’s mom didn’t know that one day this admirable friend of Chelsey’s would become her son-in-law.

And after Chelsey’s parents met this fine young man, Chelsey’s dad whispered to her mom one night just before sleep closed in, “Julie, I have a feeling about Jamie. I think he might be the one.” And they wondered, but they didn’t know.

And Jamie’s parents watched and wondered, but they didn’t know all that God had planned.

And Jamie’s grandma finally said, “Jamie, you better marry this girl!” And all this time while everyone wondered but didn’t know . . .

God knew.

God planned with delight to give Jamie and Chelsey the desires of their hearts because they trusted in Him.

God’s ancient Word contains a verse that Jamie and Chelsey claim as their own, Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

And that is what God is doing today, beloved. Today, he is giving you both the desire of your heart. He gives you to each other.

And just as he knew your future way back on March 16, 1991 when this radiant bride was born, he knows your future now. Whatever the future holds with all its joys and sorrows, God is already there. He knows it all. He will be your Rock, your Shelter, your Provider, and an Ever Present Help in every trouble if you delight yourselves in Him.

He already knows how many children you will have, what their names are, and if they will have eyes as blue as yours. He knows where you will live and the type of work that you will do. He knows the storms you will face, and He will remind you that even the winds and storms obey Him. He knows the joys that will take away your breath and what will make you laugh so hard you can hardly breathe. He knows who He will bring into your path for you to love with the love of Christ. He will give you the words to share your faith to a hurting world. He knows it all, and when you delight yourself in Him, above all else, you will desire His will . . . and when you want His will above all else, you will find peace and joy in all circumstances.

You are His beloved, and he shares your joy this day as He gives you the desire of your heart.

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